Specialist Cleaning


Do you need specialist cleaning?

Accidents happen, people and pets get unwell, people have falls, drinks get dropped – when this happens there is often a need for a professional specialist clean. You can count on us to be professional and discreet whenever we work with you.

From vomit to blood, urine to faeces, red wine to food stains – our specialist cleaning service is on hand to help. Whether you need a puppy pee accident cleaning up, or a relative has fallen and cut themselves, we can be trusted to be on hand to help solve the problem.

We treat most incidents, some examples are :-

  • Pet accidents on carpet – urine sub surface extraction, vomit and faeces cleaning and sanitising.
  • Blood spills on carpet – cleaning and sanitising.
  • Vomit on carpet – cleaning, sanitising and odour control.
  • Red wine spill on carpet.
  • Food spills on carpet – particularly oily and colourful foods such as curry and bolognaise type sauces.
  • Tea and coffee on carpet.
  • Soot and paint removal.

Find more examples of all our work in our gallery.